Gift Subscription: Designer Series Jazz Pick

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Gift Subscription: Designer Series Jazz Pick

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  • Prepaid Subscriptions Automatically End At Expiration
  • Month to Month Subscription started between the 1st and 23rd of any month will be charged on the day you order and a pick will delivered for that current month. You will be charged on the first day of every month after that. If you start your Month to Month Subscription within 7 days from the 1st of any month you will be charged on the day you order and your pick will be delivered on the 1st of that coming month. Prepaid Subscriptions are paid in full when you place the order, but follow the same shipment schedule as Month to Month.
  • You can cancel your month to month subscription at any time, and I've made it a very simple process so please read the Subscription Management section below or feel free to contact me at any time for assistance. Contact Me
Subscription Management
  • You have to have a StoneWorks Account set up to manage your subscription. To create one now. Click Here.
  • You'll be able to pause, edit, update a payment method, and change your address anytime by logging into your StoneWorks Pick Account and Clicking "Manage Subscription". Click Here to see example.
  • Unfortunately at this time you can't change the engraving text mid subscription so, the only way to change it is to unsubscribe and then re subscribe.
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Any Customization VOIDS Guarantee.

Picks must be returned to:

StoneWorks Picks, 1126 S Gilbert St, Iowa City, IA 52240

Include a detailed message with your picks.You are responsible for return postage. No refunds or exchanges will be issued until pick is received and inspected.   StoneWorks is not responsible, and no refund or exchange will be issued, if the pick is lost in the mail without tracking or destroyed in shipping.  Please use delivery tracking and package your picks carefully!

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