About Us

StoneWorks is a mix of my life long personal interest and coincidence. First is music, I'm a guitar, bass, and banjo player. Second is rocks, I love all rocks, geodes, fossils, and turquoise. The coincidence, my last name is Stone.

StoneWorks was started on my small farm outside Dallas City, IL, on the banks of the Mississippi River, in 2009.  When my kids were young a typical summer weekend included walking the local creeks looking for fossils, geodes, and arrowheads. That hobby lead me to the question "Whats next?" so I decided to learn everything I could about semi precious stones, geology, and lapidary processes. I bought lapidary equipment and began cutting stones.

One day my buddy Rusty asked me to make him a custom stone guitar pick. He had lost his fingertip in a farm accident and was having a hard time holding a standard pick. Rusty loved his pick so much that I ended up making 300 more and they sold out quickly at a couple of local shows. My standard "What's next?" question came up and StoneWorks was born.  

Today we have over 200,000 Facebook fans, and ship picks to customers across the globe.  In the spring of 2016, I sold the farm, packed up my shop and moved to Iowa City, Iowa.  After getting settled in I started asking myself "What's Next" and decided to offer Delrin/Acetal picks. Delrin is the number one plastic pick material in the world, and of course I make them myself from plastic that's manufactured in the USA.